Training videos for motivation

Hey guys I came across these videos on my travels around some of the fitness sites I go to.

With the Arnold on the 5th of march (the arnold classic is the second biggest body building event of the year) have release a video with Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson (two of the top bodybuilders in the world right now) training for the Arnold. Now Im not posting this for technique or how to get big but more just for motivation watching two bulls in the body building world training together. Like you would watching pumping iron, watch this with a pinch of salt as I dont agree with with everything they talk about but use it as a bit of a motivator for your next workout!


About nafctrainerjamie

I am a personal trainer at North Adelaide Fitness Centre in Adelaide South Australia. We have been awarded the Australian 2009 & 2010 best medium size gym.
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One Response to Training videos for motivation

  1. Warren was award the Arnold winner over the weekend!

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