Supplements and young guys


Most of the time I get my ideas for my blog from the gym floor and what people ask me or speak about. One worry which has been around since supplements were introduce and that’s young guys (14 – 16) wanting to take supplements to get big and I seem to get asked alot by parents of 15 year olds who want to take protein shakes. Now when I started I was in the same boat I took every supplement under the sun to try and get big. Once I got more educated and didn’t get massive I knew that these supplements were a lot of talk and proper diet and training was more important.
So why do we take supplements (mainly protein shakes). Most guys wouldn’t have a clue really why we take supplements and more guys just listen to ads and believe their best mate when it comes to supplements. The main reason we take them is that through training there is a nutritional gap that we cant make up with food and supplements can fill that gap.
Arnold before his famous 1975 Olympia victory wasn’t taking many supplements (according to Frank Zane). So where am I going with this article? I think the industry has a massive issue with its image and promote the wrong idea to the general public and young guys get the wrong idea. Most ads will have massive bodybuilders who are in competition condition (which they are only for about 2 months of the year) and have been training for years and most likely taking some substances to get in the shape (they promote these supplement company’s because they have a contract with them). Desman Wolf (elite bodybuilder) changed from Nutrex to BSN (supplement companies) but is still massive and looks awesome but is it the supplements or the hard blood sweat and tears training he has done for years and years.
So when a young boy comes up and asks me about supplements I say to get your diet right and training right. Supplements are just what the name says that they are SUPPLEMENTS. If your training is off and you eat terrible I will guarantee that you will not lose weight and will struggle to put on muscle. However supplements are fantastic to help people who have a great diet and exercise correctly. I always recommend these to clients but always make sure they have a true understanding that diet is the key and not the supplement.
So if you are looking at supplements please consult someone at your local gym about them or even a doctor or professional. Please don’t look at the flashy ads or what maybe the genetic freak or massive dude in the gym uses. Look to someone who knows what they are talking about and can guide you. If you are a regular member of North Adelaide Fitness Centre please see myself (Jamie) and Ben about supplements and we can guide you in the right direction! As always lift well and eat right and NEVER give up.


About nafctrainerjamie

I am a personal trainer at North Adelaide Fitness Centre in Adelaide South Australia. We have been awarded the Australian 2009 & 2010 best medium size gym.
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