Diet soft drinks / Sugar free gum, are they stopping you from burning fat?

We all know that drinking full sugar drinks aren’t good for health or weight loss and most of us will look to a diet/light/zero version of the drink, but now studies are starting to show that this is maybe causing you to keep the weight on rather than lose it.

A study done at Purdue University’s Digestive Behaviour Research Centre gave a sample of rats yogurt sweetened with glucose (a simple sugar with 15 calories/teaspoon), and a different sample of rats were given yogurt sweetened with zero-calorie saccharin, these rats consumed more calories, gained more weight, put on more body fat, and didn’t make up for it by cutting back later. Source (

There is also wide debate on aspartame and weight loss. Besides the data showing that there are many health risks with aspartame, aspartame can cause your body to think you are hungrier and need to consume more food than you need and so on. Source and for information on the dangers please visit  and

So I know everyone is asking “Well do you just want me to drink the normal sugar version?” well no as that isn’t good for you either. Water is the best alternative but if you want something with taste grab a unsweetened iced green tea or add lemon juice into water. Also if it comes down to life and death (chocolate bar or diet soft drink) than the diet soft drink is okay but try to avoid having diet soft drinks on a regular basis as this may cause you to put on weight.


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I am a personal trainer at North Adelaide Fitness Centre in Adelaide South Australia. We have been awarded the Australian 2009 & 2010 best medium size gym.
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