Busting the myth of “If women do weight training they will get bulky”

As a personal trainer I hear every day in some form or another from the female members of the gym, “I don’t like doing weights as I will get bulky” “I want to lose weight and tone but not put weight on……” and so on. Most of these terms are purely myth or incorrect facts. I actually believe that most women should be doing some form of weight resistance in the gym or if they do then they don’t lift heavy enough to gain the results they want.
So lets look at the issue, “If I do weights I will get bulky and I just want to tone up!!!!!” Firstly the bulky part is incorrect. The simple fact is females don’t have enough natural human growth hormone (testosterone) to grow muscle. These natural growth hormone are what allows males to grow lean muscle tissue. So when females lift weights their muscles will grow but will not get bulky as such. The muscle will get denser and stronger which will cause the tone look that most females going to a gym look for which then debunks the second part of I just want to tone up as “tone up” really means grow muscle.
So besides getting stronger and the muscle getting denser there are other benefits of lifting weights. Cardio is know as a great fat burner however in my opinion doing more weight resistance will cause more fat burning. How it works is while doing weight resistance exercise the muscle actually slightly tears which causes the muscle after a workout to require calories to repair. So for up to 72 hours your muscles require calories to repair. Even if they are not in repair mode muscles require more energy to keep working during the day which means your metabolism will increase while you are at work not actually doing anything over physical.
Muscle resistance is really important for everyone (male or female) to do in the gym. Even if you do lift weights you are not going to look like arnie or some massive female bodybuilder as this takes years of hard work and dedication to just purely building muscle mass. So as just a gym goer I suggest strongly to consider using weights regularly in your exercise routine as it will help you achieve your goals of toning up.


About nafctrainerjamie

I am a personal trainer at North Adelaide Fitness Centre in Adelaide South Australia. We have been awarded the Australian 2009 & 2010 best medium size gym.
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