Water – How important is it?

Most people know that drinking water is important but don’t drink enough. Approximately 75% of our body is made up of water. What alot of people don’t realise is that 3 % of dehydration causes a 10% decrease in contractile muscle strength. However we only start to feel thirst at 3% dehydration. The recommendation for athletes is 42ml of water per 1 kg of bodyweight a day. This can be alot so setting aims such as 2-3 litres of water a day can help you get into the habit of drinking water.

So whether you are someone looking to build more muscle or looking to lose weight, to get the best out of your workout make sure you are hydrated all through the day and not just when you are at the gym.


About nafctrainerjamie

I am a personal trainer at North Adelaide Fitness Centre in Adelaide South Australia. We have been awarded the Australian 2009 & 2010 best medium size gym.
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