Lifting Correctly in the Gym

Ask anyone in North Adelaide Fitness centre and they will tell you that I preach all day everyday about perfect technique. Why? As I truly believe that doing movements correctly will cause more muscle growth/tone but also is safer and will help with long term health of the body.
I like many people have lifted too heavy when I first started using weights. I had the belief that I needed to beat personal bests and keep lifting as heavy as I could. After more education and practice (and not enjoying back pain as I have lower back degeneration due to pre medical conditions) I soon learnt my lifting was hurting me and inefficient. After reading “more in depth techniques” by Arnold and watching a DVD by Nick Jones (adelaide bodybuilder) who uses the classic line “Its not the quantity of the weight but the quality of the lift” through the whole DVD I change my lifting for the better, now I teach all my clients correct form and truly believe that they all benefit from this in achieving their goals.
I also keep finding articles in magazines by professional bodybuilders about lifting and talking about doing it correctly, I’ll share the most recent instant that I came across which is a interview with Ed Nunn (champion body builder from US) about bicep lifting:
“Training super heavy for your arms will wreck you wrists and elbows and shoulders” , “Maybe not right now but after a few years. Ive talked to a lot of guys who regret being stupid in their early years, because eventually they all realized that they got better results with lighter weights with slightly higher reps and better form.” “I want to feel my biceps working when I train them and the weight I use is almost irrelevant. If I can curl a pair of 100 pound dumbbells and feel it, Ill do it. But if not, I’ll keep going down the rack until I can.” Muscular development April 2009.

Even though Ed is a body builder this still applies for the smallest person (male or female) to the largest person in the gym.
I guess the question can be summed in “Why do people lift way to heavy?” and that I could do another blog on (which I will look at doing at some point) but in a small summary I think it is a ego thing and lack of education and unsure on what to do.
So whether you are doing a pump class ( – to get more info on the correct technique during pump), or a gym junkie like me. I would strongly advise to seek advice on correcting technique and looking after yourself in the gym.


About nafctrainerjamie

I am a personal trainer at North Adelaide Fitness Centre in Adelaide South Australia. We have been awarded the Australian 2009 & 2010 best medium size gym.
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